Rent our ovens with an option to buy

You can rent our 3240 oven from as little as $121 per week*, the 3870 or 3848 from $146 per week*. Most businesses prefer to rent assets with a view to upgrade them at the end of the term. Rental provides lots of flexibility as well as tax advantages for your business.


* Conditions apply.



  • No capital investment.

  • Payments are 100% tax deductible.

  • Incorporate installation, delivery and service contract into rental agreement.

  • Rent additional equipment as required.

  • Expense of the equipment is offset by income from start of business.



Additional equipment and services can be added throughout the rental term subject to approval. Provided the agreement is finalised satisfactorily in accordance with the terms, the renter may choose to:

  • Upgrade to new equipment.

  • Terminate and return the equipment.

  • Re-rent at an agreed rental reduction.

  • Apply to buy for agreed value (3 months additional payments at lease end).


Indicative Pricing:

Simply complete the online Finance Enquiry Form (right) and we will get in touch to discuss your options in more detail.